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Setting the Standard in Quality Bedding

Sleep In Mattress Inc. is a family owned company and operated in Canada specializing in top quality mattresses. Our affordable, unbeatable prices combined with our superior customer service distinguishes us from other mattress companies.

Using superior quality products, we strive to do what it takes to prolong the life of your mattress, once you lay on a sleep In mattress, you will recognize the difference.

Our mattresses are orthopedically designed, providing optimal comfort and support, and are custom-made and hand-crafted to cater individual needs.

We also provide a popular range of mattresses for the home. If you have been searching for the right mattress but, have not been satisfied with what you have found, and then look no more. Sleep In Mattress Inc. is almost certainly what you have been looking for.

Sleep In Mattress constantly evolving to meet our customer's needs and we look forward to many years of success built on selling a great night's sleep to all our customers.

Handmade - Great Craftsmanship

Each and every Sleep In mattress is a bespoke creation, handcrafted to perfection, a masterpiece.

The Benefits of Sleep In Mattress

Every time you move, twist or turn in your sleep, your Sleep In mattress quickly responds by adjusting itself to your new position. Hence, your body remains in a constant state of relaxation and comfort.

Minimal Partner Disturbance

Movement on any side of the mattress does not result in any movement on the other side, so no one is disturbed by any unwanted motion. Sleep In Mattress prevents 'roll together', a common complaint when one sleeper weighs more than the other.

Self-ventilating Structure *

A Sleep In mattress has millions of interconnecting air cells which self-ventilate as a result of sleeping movements. The net result is a cool and comfortable sleep.

Uniform Support

The surface pressure on the body is reduced to a minimum, thus eliminating the 'hammock' feeling.

Dust Mite and Bed Bug Resistant *

Due to the natural properties of Sleep In Mattress, dust mites (which aggravate asthma) and bed bugs are discouraged from breeding.

Long Lasting

They can last for up to years. Each of our mattresses comes with an unrivalled, revolutionary guarantee.

Chemical Free Production *

Our mattresses are manufactured without using toxic chemicals which may leave a residue in the product.

Support and Comfort

Our mattresses help keep the spine correctly aligned. The foam has been orthopedically designed to have 5 posture zones for optimal posture and lumbar support.

* Applicable to selected mattresses only

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